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 Location (lat, lon): 58.1192017, 12.2568998  |  Station altitude 92 meters over sea level  |  Estimated cloud base height 272 m and estimated cloud temperature -2.4 °C  | 
Last update: Monday 25/1/2021 at 05:24  (04:24 UTC)

Status Its Early Morning,Night time/Dry and it feels chilly outside. The temperature has been falling for the last few hours. There is a Calm from the North north east. There has been 08:20 hours of overnight air frost (temperature less than 0 °C), resets at 10:00.

During the day there has been 0.0 mm of rain, most recently measured at -. It has been 2 consecutive days without rain. This month it has rained for a total of 6 days so far. Total hours/minutes of possible daylight for today is 07:50, yesterday it was 07:46:00, or a change of 00:04:08.

UV-index:  Current 0.0, Low, max today: 0.0 (00:01).

Brandrisk:  Current Low-Moderate 0.0 (yesterday 0.0).

Se mer detaljer om aktuell UV-strålning på SMHIeller Foreca.
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