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 Sweden | Position (lat, lon): 58.1192017, 12.2568998 | Station altitude 92 meters over sea level | Estimated cloud base height 312 m and estimated cloud temperature 9.6 °C |
Last Update: Sunday 5/7/2020 at 22:14


 Its Evening,Dusk and it feels cool outside. The temperature has been falling for the last few hours. There is a Light Breeze from the East.
 There has been 00:00 hours of overnight air frost (temperature less than 0 °C), resets at 10:00, and 0 number of days without rain.
 Total hours/minutes of possible daylight for today is 17:57 (yesterday 17:59:00).



 Current: 0.0, Low, max today: 3.1 (16:32).  UV-strålning  

 Brandrisk info

 Fire weather index: Low-Moderate 0.0 (yesterday 0.0).


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regn månad regn ackumulerat
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dygnsmedeltemperatur elförbrukning